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Features:  New sheep information.

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Features:  Steadman Dodd, West View Farm, Temple Sowerby, Cumbria.

We like Beltex for the quality of the finished lamb and for the get up and go of new born lambs !

Many will at some point driven past West View Farm in Temple Sowerby, maybe even held Steadman up for a while without even realising it, as he tried to get from one side ...

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Features:  Mr Peter Cowling, Countess Farm, Dartmoor, Devon.

Meat is what the market is all about. More muscle sells better and attracts premium prices.

Standing 2000ft above sea level and with 1600mm of rain per annum, Countess Farm, a predominantly 250 acre grass farm, lies on the east side of Dartmoor. On a good day, Plymouth Estuary ca ...

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Features:  Martin Kennedy, Lurgan Farm Aberfeldy, Perthshire.

For conformation and the best value for your product, I don’t think you can beat Beltex cross lambs

Producing what the market wants is Martin Kennedy’s motto at Lurgan Farm, Aberfeldy, and for him that means using a Beltex tup on to predominantly Beltex cross Bleu d ...

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Features:  Beltex Pay Best on Ballymena Farm.

We have been delighted with the easy lambing characteristics of the Beltex cross lambs

Ian and Elma McCaughern farm 180 acres in Rasharkin, just outside Ballymena, County Antrim. The farm is home to a beef finishing unit that runs alongside the commercial sheep flock. ...

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Features:  Huw Owen, Sandilands Farm, Gwynedd. .

Buyers trust in the profits these quality, minimal waste lambs leave.

Beltex crosses are fulfilling the butchers’ market specification for lean 45kg finished lambs with a high killing out percentage, consistently realising 205p/kg and topping the market at Welshpool Lives ...

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