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News from the Council.

At the recent AGM Weekend we said goodbye to John Hall as the outgoing President, it was strange to attend a Council meeting without John’s presence as he has been involved with the breed for many, many years.

We welcome Mary Dunlop as the Society’s President for the coming two years; Mary a well established breeder has been with the Beltex breed from the early days and has previously served on Council.

John Barclay will be continuing as Chairman for one more year with John Harbinson stepping up as Vice Chairman.

Import Fees - Following the open discussion at the AGM meeting in October the comments raised at this meeting were brought forward to the November Council meeting and after much discussion round the table the following was put forward.

The Council are considering raising the Import Fee to £150 + vat. The Council will finalise approval of this at the January 2017 meeting, which will be implemented at the start of the next financial year beginning 1 April 2017.

Subsequently the discussion continued onto whether we as a Society should be keeping DNA records.  Therefore the Council from 2017 are looking at DNA Analysis of all Stock Sires for Pedigree use for any lambs that are going to be Birth Notified / Registered with the Society, this will include any retained semen. We are looking at this being a long term safeguard for the Beltex breed. 

Members who wish to comment - please put in writing to the office by the 30 December 2016 either via email to or via letter to the Society Office.