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News from the Council Meeting January 2017.

Tags – All sheep at Society sales must comply with UK legislation and Society requirements and carry the Society Logo.

Council have agreed that members have the option for using either Allflex or Caisley as their chosen Tag supplier. Please note the Tag forms are sent direct to your chosen Tag supplier not to the office.

Society Sale Rules
It has come to the Council’s attention that there have been contraventions of Society Sale rules which are highlighted below:

- Runs limited to 10, extra runs at end of the sale.

- Any rams with semen retained before sale or females which have been flushed and embryos recovered before sale must be declared in the catalogue and announced at the time of sale. Failure to do so will result in the purchaser having the right to return the sheep. Costs may be incurred. Note: Council advise the following: tick the box on the entry forms and make sure given out at time of sale. The Vendor discusses fully with the Purchaser details of retained semen / embryos, specifically whether for own use or if intending to sell that this is agreed between Vendor and Purchaser preferably in writing and signed by both parties.

- All tags must comply with UK legislation and Society rules on identification i.e. carry the Society logo on both tags.

- All sheep forward must be back-stamped with the lot number, failure to do so will result in rejection.

Additional Rule added
- No animal to be sold outside of the ring before being entered for sale in the ring.

The full list of Society Sale Rules are to be found in the Bye Laws which are in the Members Handbook issued with the Year Book they are also in the Sale Catalogues. 

In the Winter Newsletter members were given an opportunity to comment on the proposed changes to the Import Registration rules and fees following feedback from the AGM in October. Thank you to those members who took the time to write in with their concerns and suggestions.
After much deliberation Council have come to a decision and the amended rules are below, some of which have not changed.
These will come into effect from the Society’s new financial year on the 1 April 2017 and the revised bye-laws as will be in the 2017 Members Handbook sent out with the Year Book.

Registration of imported sheep

1. Sheep that are to be imported must have been born in Belgium and fully registered with the Belgian Flock book.

2. The original pedigree and copy of the Intra Trade certificate must be submitted for registration to the Society office together with a clear list of sheep to be registered within 2 months of importation. (Note: Date of registration is the date the animal arrived into the Country)

3. Import registration fee is £50 + vat.

4. If all relevant importation paper work is not submitted in the two-month timescale of importation a late import registration fee will be applied of £100 + vat.

5. Sheep must remain in the flock for a minimum of 18 months and all pedigree certificates will be held by the Society office.

6. If sold before the 18 month period is up a levy of £100 + vat will be applied.

7. If the Importer sells privately or at a non recognised Society Sale the importer is responsible for the Import Registration fee of £150 + vat if the purchaser wants to use in a pedigree flock.

8. If the sheep are in lamb, the Society must be supplied with the original pedigree of the ram, which must be registered and recognised by the Belgian Flock book and Beltex Sheep Society. The Beltex Sheep Society reserves the right to blood type the ram and the ewe at the importer's expense and verify the pedigree of the offspring by use of the blood type.

9. You must be a fully paid up member to register imported sheep. All decisions regarding the eligibility of imported sheep for registration in the Beltex Sheep Society Flock Book are at the discretion of Council and no appeals will be entered into.

Finally... the subject of DNA requirement for Stock Sires is still being considered and will be revisited at the next Council meeting when there is time to discuss the detail.

Date of the next Council Meeting is Tuesday 23 May. If any member would like something to be the Meeting’s Agenda please send it in writing to the Society office fourteen days prior to the date of the said meeting. 

When the Members Handbook drops through your letterbox ....Please make time to look at it and take note of the information provided – Who’s on Council, Regional Club contacts, Bye Laws, Sale Dates, Events & Shows for the current year, Prize money you could win, current Judges list, current Members and useful contact details. All the information supplied in this is for the Society and Members benefit.