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Top Price Award @ Skipton March 2016
Kelly Armitage (Northern Club Sec) with Brian Lund
Top Price Pen

Beltex Top Prices - Skipton March 6th 2017.

Beltex "Top Price Award" CCM Auctions Skipton March 6th 2017
The Beltex Top Price Award at CCM Auctions Skipton was presented by Kelly Armitage to BL & R Lund, Walshaw Farm selling their Beltex x lambs weighing 41 kg for £125 per head.

The Beltex breed is ready for Brexit and is in a strong position to meet the challenges that Brexit will present. Society chairman John Barclay says he is confident that the breed is well-placed to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

“Beltex society membership has seen a steady increase in recent years and the popularity of the breed popularity of the breed is due to the requirement of Beltex rams producing top quality lambs that are in demand from exporters and the home trade. The growth of the Beltex breed was initially driven by the prime lamb market, but premium prices are also regularly achieved in the store ring, and for Beltex x breeding stock.”

A Beltex tup will improve the conformation of the progeny of almost any breed of ewe with the potential to lift ‘O’ grade lambs to supermarket spec R3L which can make a significant difference to a producer’s profit margins. Producing top quality lambs with the ‘E’ and ‘U’ grades gains the attention of auction ring buyers and can attract a premium of 40p per kilo or more.

Independent butchers need consistent high quality as does the specialist export trade which demands “E” grade carcases for high-end retail butchers on the Continent. The Beltex sheep society is confident that the future of the breed in post Brexit UK and Europe is assured”
Currently there is not enough Beltex x lambs to meet demand due to the breeds popularity in the prime lamb market with more buyers competing to secure Beltex x lambs than other breeds, this situation puts the breed in a very strong position and the society is confident that with the increase in enquiries and record averages for rams and females at the pedigree sales in 2016 the breed will continue to expand.