Why Beltex from the Auctioneers

Harrison & Hetherington

Beltex lambs are a sought after breed within the Primestock sector. Beltex Lambs are known for offering consistency and a high quality carcass suitable for most UK and export markets, and as such they usually command a premium on price.

James Little - H&H, Carlisle.


The ultimate success of any terminal sire breed is the quality and demand of the cross bred lambs in the commercial primestock market. There is no question that Beltex cross lambs appeal to both retailers and export buyers alike – why? Because the carcasses are of superior quality with particular “shape” in the leg and loin. If the buyers give a marked premium, why wouldn’t a producer look to breed them!

Clive Roads – McCartneys, Worcester

United Auctions

Farmers who chose the Beltex are aiming at the top end of the prime market; producing lambs which are of a quality lean carcase with great conformation ideal for the export and butcher’s markets.

Peter Wood – United Auctions, Stirling.

Lawrie & Symington

Quality Beltex cross lambs are in great demand in the live ring with both export and home buyers competing to procure the best lambs available. By selling through the live ring producers can receive the optimum price for their produce as compete to purchaser top quality Beltex Lambs looking to fulfil their orders for the best carcase lambs.

Brian Ross – Lawrie & Symington, Lanark.

CCM Auctions

The Beltex has become a popular choice of terminal sire in Craven and surrounding area as producers look to react to the requirements of primestock customers. There is strong demand for not only the premium Beltex cross lambs from Continental Ewes, but also from Mule and Half-bred ewes has significantly increased as exporters, wholesalers and retail butchers compete strongly for the premium “E” grade types. Processors supplying supermarkets and regional retailers are also keen to purchase commercially bred Beltex sired lambs.

Ted Ogden – Prime Sheep Auctioneer, Skipton Mart, North Yorkshire.

Welshpool Livestock Sales

We find the Beltex lambs, are a handy weighted lamb with a good carcase formation, popular with many of our buyers

Jonathan Evans – Prime Lamb Auctioneer at Welshpool.


Beltex cross lambs cover all weight categories from quality export and top end home market to heavy Beltex carcasses that are cornering the local butcher market, we always have keen competition from buyers for Beltex x lambs at Acklington Mart.

Colin Smith - Acklington Mart.

Longtown Mart

Longtown has strong competition for both Beltex prime lambs on a Thursday and Beltex sired store lambs on a Tuesday. Buyers are actively looking for Beltex cross lambs to supply both the export and home market – Farmers are always looking for Beltex x store lambs, we could always sell more to meet the demand.

Archie Hamilton - Longtown Mart.

Hopes Auctioneers

We have a strong reputation for selling quality stock in the prime lamb sector. One of the contributing factors is the strong influence of the Beltex sire and the breeds ability to produce market requirements. Buyers are always keen to source quality, the ability of the Beltex to produce a high meat yield animal allows the breed to be targeted to the high value markets of the UK and Europe.

David Bowman - Hopes Auction Co, Wigton.

Hobbs Parker Auctioneers

Our entry of finished lambs and hoggets regularly contains pens of well bred Beltex and Beltex cross lambs. These lambs always catch the eye of buyers looking for lambs with shape which will yield a high percentage of meat from the carcases. Competition to buy in the live auction regularly produces premiums up to 25p per kg (£8 to £12 per lamb) over the market and country averages on the day. It is fair to say that farmers here in the south east, looking to produce top butcher’s lambs, are considering very seriously the Beltex option.

Elywn Davies, Sheep Auctioneer - Ashford Market, Kent.

Vivers Scotlamb

We procure Beltex and Beltex cross lambs as they meet the specification required for our customers on a regular basis.

Vivers Scotlamb.