Beltex Premier Sale Ballot 2022

Monday 11th July 2022
Category: All News

The ballot was drawn today for the Premier Sale 10 – 12 August 2022

Schedule – will be confirmed in the catalogue

Wednesday 10 August Arrival of stock

Thursday 11 August Arrival of stock and inspection.  Stock must be in before 9.00am on Thursday morning otherwise may incur vets fees

Pre-Sale Show    11.00am

Early evening sale of Gimmers and Ram Lambs

3.30pm Ring 2 Gimmers             Ballot

4.30pm Ring 3 Ram Lambs        Ballot

Thursday 12 August Sale of Aged and Shearling Rams

10.00am Ring 3 Aged Rams & Shearling Rams     Ballot

10.30am Ring 2 Shearling Rams     Ballot

Any further details contact H&H Pedigree Department 01228 406230