Beltex Sheep Society moves to Pedigree Livestock Services

Wednesday 23rd February 2022
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The Beltex Sheep Society has appointed Cumbria-based Pedigree Livestock Services which is run by Andy Ryder to take on the complete administrative roles for the breed Society.

Society Chairman Kevin Buckle said the current and long serving Society Secretary, Barbara Huddleston has decided to reduce her workload and in the interest of a seamless transition for members, it made sense to appoint the Ainstable, Carlisle based company to take over running of the Society.

Mr Buckle added: “Pedigree Livestock Services which is run by Andy Ryder was formed in 2019 and already has seven other cattle and horse breed Societies as well as Penrith Show in its portfolio. The business is experienced in dealing with all aspects of running an efficient service for pedigree breeders and it also means the current Beltex Society staff working from our offices at Crooklands, Kendal, will be able to move over.”

Mr Ryder said registrations would continue via Grassroots Systems and everything currently handled by the Crooklands office would be taken in hand.

Beltex members should find the change completely seamless and apart from revised contact details, of which you will be notified, it will be ‘business as normal’.

New Contact Details:

Beltex Sheep Society

Holme House, Dale

Ainstable, Carlisle

Cumbria  CA4 9RH

Tel: 01768 870524           Mob: 07918 638197                      Email: [email protected]