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Birth Notification & Fee Important Dates

31 May: Birth Notification forms – paper or online must be received at the office

Alternative to submitting your Birth Notifications via pedeweb or paper you can submit them on an Excel Sheet by using the template below, this will be treated as an Online notification

Excel Birth Notification Template

Forms received in the office after the 31 May deadline (unless a late birth) will have the fee automatically doubled

All lambs MUST be Birth Notified before Fully Registering

ALL animals to be sold must be Fully Registered

November: Flock Survey sent to all members

28 February: Full Registration of previous years’ born animals must be received at the office

Tag Colour and letter for 2021 are White and the letter G for names

IMPORTANT:  Zootech – 3rd Country listing re trading post Brexit 1st January 2021

Change on importing animals into the Society Flock Book (Breeding Book)

 “The Society will enter into the breeding book, animals of the same breed, that are eligible for entry under the Society’s breed criteria, without discrimination on account of their country of origin.”

This will be amended in the Society Byelaws for 2021.

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