Carlisle Premier – Full report

11th - 12th August 2022


Show - Alfie Taylor,  Young Handlers - Kelly Armitage,  Presidents Award - Simon Blandford

Shearling Ewe

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix Ear Tag Lot No
1st DE Owen SMART ASS DEO.G012 184
2nd R Boden MELLOR VALE BCM.G001 292
3rd W Porter MAJOR'S BRIDGE MBP.G016 116
4th J & R Jerman BRILLEY JER.G3832 96
5th W & C Ingram LOGIE DURNO WCI.G005 324
6th G & J Scott BESSY BELL JUL.G002 64
7th J Ferguson VICKY'S VIC.G017 79
8th A Neaves PEACHY VIEW ANT.G003 40
9th D & J Gallagher RICHMOND BEAUTIES DJS.G019 218
10th I Reid OSPREY IAR.G046 110

Aged Ram

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix Ear Tag Lot No
1st JJ Barclay BEACHY KSP.D014 580
2nd R Harrison HARRIDALE LUR.E1067 585
3rd A Neaves PEACHY VIEW COC.E063 579

Shearling Ram

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix Ear Tag Lot No
1st Miller Farms LURG LUR.G062 790
2nd G Maxwell FAUGHHILL FHL.G14883 674
3rd CD Timm & Family YORKIE AIO.G016 1153
4th Wannop's Farms WANNOP'S WNP.G019 1314
5th NL & CJ Brown BRONIC ORM.G009 95
6th M & H Owens GLANTRE MHO.G070 1126
7th W & C Ingram LOGIE DURNO WCI.G013 1360
8th IA Wainwright TODHALL WTO.G058 1248
9th Ettrick Grandchildren ETTRICK ETT.G006 684
10th L & J Swinnerton LIPLEY LIP.G040 610

Ram Lamb

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix Ear Tag Lot No
1st J & R Jerman BRILLEY JER.H4040 402
2nd J & L Young MUIRTON YJM.H009 674
3rd Messrs Buckle BUCKLES BKF.H27981 354
4th Miller Farms LURG LUR.H026 450
5th D Thornley DOOLEY DOO.H137 556
6th JL McMillan CLARY COC.H011 363
7th J Aiken VOGUE JAV.H012 544
8th J Hodge RIGGROAD JDH.H028 529
9th J Thom CORRIELEA JAT.H418 416
10th G & J Scott BESSY BELL JUL.H022 522

Young Handler - Up to 10 years

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix
1st Alexander Clark GLENGYRE
2nd Megan Elworthy FINGLE
3rd Murray Wood MURRAYS
4th Harley Alderson ALDERSONS
5th Ewan Clark GLENGYRE
6th Estelle Alderson ALDERSONS
7th Jacob Jones MERTON HALL

Young Handler - 11-16 years

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix
1st Cameron Barclay TWINSPLUSONE
2nd Finlay Barclay TWINSPLUSONE
3rd Lucy Winter MERTON HALL
4th Daisy Alderson ALDERSONS
5th Alice Timm YORKIE

President's Award - Pen of 3-6 Shearling Rams

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix Lot No
1st N Harvey BLACKADDER 1267-1273
2nd R Story RACHAEL'S 1111-1116
3rd Messrs Stewart KININMONTH 637-642
4th J & J McLean CULSH 643-649
5th M Wood MURRAYS 774-779
6th J Farquharson BROCKIES 835-840

President's Award - Pen of 7-10 Shearling Rams

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix Lot No
1st L & J Swinnerton LIPLEY 609-614
2nd Messrs Buckle BUCKLES 1177-1186
3rd Miller Farms LURG 790-799
4th B Ryder RYDER 889-898
5th Wannop's Farms WANNOP'S 1314-1323
6th G Maxwell FAUGHHILL 674-683

Beltex Champions

Category Breed Breeder Name
Female Champion Shearling Ewe DE Owen
Reserve Female Shearling Ewe R Boden
Male Champion Shearling Ram Miller Farms
Reserve Male Ram Lamb J & R Jerman
Supreme Champion Shearling Ram Miller Farms
Reserve Supreme Ram Lamb J & R Jerman
President's Award Champion L & J Swinnerton
President's Award Reserve Messrs Buckle

It was a year of male records at the Beltex Sheep Society’s Premier Sale at Harrison and Hetherington’s Borderway Mart on Thursday and Friday, 11 and 12 August, where ram lamb and shearling ram averages both reached new heights with an outstanding pen of shearling rams also setting a new record flock average.

With many pedigree breeders investing in new stock sires, no fewer than 12 shearling rams sold for five-figure prices as 575 shearling rams cashed in to average £1865, a rise of £365 on the year for 94 fewer when 669 averaged £1500 in 2021.

Similarly, four ram lambs broke the five-figure barrier as 131 lambs levelled at £2044, up nearly £400 on the 2021 sale when 145 averaged £1666. Females, however, met a stickier trade and were led by two at 3500gns as 188 traded to average £675, against 250 at £991 last year.

Beltex Sheep Society Chairman, Kevin Buckle, commented: “The shearling tup and tup lamb averages were very pleasing and we saw one of the best pens of Beltex tups there’s ever been in Carlisle. Gimmers were a more selective trade which maybe reflects a sign of the times with all the flushing that now takes place, but overall the majority of sellers returned home happy with their two days trading.”


Lurg Goliath ET, Miller Farms, Male and Supreme Champion, 50,000gns


It’s always a sign of a good judge when the top prices reflect the placings in the pre-sale show and that was just what happened at Carlisle when the Supreme Champion, Alan Miller’s Lurg Goliath ET, soared to the top price of 50,000gns with his full brother, Lurg Grand Slam ET, selling for 45,000gns just two lots later.

The sale-leading duo from Alan, wife Rachel, and daughter, Ellie, from Midmar, Inverurie, are the result of a flush from the 16,000gns Woodies Explosive bought back in 2020, and the 3000gns Sinclair’s Daisy, a Kingledores Battleaxe daughter bought the previous year and a favourite of Rachel’s.

Prior to selling, Goliath had caught the eye of the judge of the pre-sale show, Alfie Taylor, of the Heatheryhall Flock near Lanark, who put the shearling ram up as Male Champion before tapping him out as Supreme Champion.

“He’s very well put together and balanced and just what a Beltex should be with great character and carcase,” commented Mr Taylor.

Goliath also had a successful summer show season, standing Reserve to his dam at Banchory and Turriff shows as well as at the Scottish National at Perth Show the week prior to Carlisle.

From an opening bid of 20,000gns, Goliath sold in a four-way split to Kevin, Jack and Tom Buckle, Buckles Flock, Kirkby Stephen; Neale and Janet McQuistin, Airyolland, New Luce, Newton Stewart; James McGarva, Horseclose, Lockerbie; and Rafe Cartman, Atherton, Scosthrop, Skipton.


Lurg Grand Slam ET, Miller Farms, 45,000gns


Minutes later his embryo brother, Lurg Grand Slam ET, attracted nearly as much attention when sold on the phone to two breeders from the Emerald Isle – Gary Beacom, Lakeview, Fivemiletown, and Brian Mathews, Quarrymount, Tullamore, County Offaly – for 45,000gns. Incredibly, Alan’s pen of 10 shearlings averaged £15,488 with plenty more in the top prices.


Lurg Gino ET, Miller Farms, 16,000gns


The very next one through the ring, Lurg Gino ET, sold to Gordon and Lynsey Carroll, of the Edendiack Flock, for 16,000gns. Again sired by the Woodies Explosive ram, his dam is Ardstewart Dodo, a daughter of the imported Iglo V/D Drie Musschen.Another the same way bred, this time called Lurg Ghost In The Shell ET, sold to James Pritchard for his Evistone Flock near Rochester, Newcastle upon Tyne, for 9000gns.

The team welcomed a further two at 8000gns with the first of these, Lurg Globetrotter, selling to Colin Roots, Dumfries. Again by Explosive, Globetrotter’s dam is the Ardstewart Armani-sired Ardstewart Crazy Angel.

Ardstewart Dodo certainly earned her keep as another son, the Explosive-sired Lurg Galactic ET, was knocked down to Messrs Fairburn for their Ripon-based Marriforth Flock, again for 8000gns.

Following the prize list and Grant Maxwell, from Bowden, Melrose, had a good run when his best, the second prize Faughhill Godfather, realised 30,000gns when knocked down to a trio of Aberdeenshire breeders – Jimmy Young, Muirton, Alford; Ross and Kirsty Williams, Black Jack, Abpyne; and Bruce and Colin Mair, Aviemore, Turriff. By the privately purchased Heatheryhall Fireman Sam, this blue bare boy is out of the Mortons Cheeky Boy daughter, Faughhill Dana.

Another breeder celebrating a strong run was Dan Towers whose Curwen Hill pen of seven from Wray, Lancaster, levelled at £10,440, thanks to two at 20,000gns and another at 18,000gns.


Curwen Hill Golden Boy, Dan Towers, 20,000gns


First to hit 20,000gns when sold to Alfie Taylor for his Heatheryhall Flock was Curwen Hill Golden Boy, a son of the Rathbone Desperado ram shared with Nick and Charlotte Brown’s Bronic Flock. His dam is the Belvoir View Chaos daughter, Wannop’s Eureka.


Curwen Hill Gillbert, Dan Towers, 20,000gns


The same sire was behind the rest of the pen and it was the black ram, Curwen Hill Gilbert, that also achieved 20,000gns when chapped down to Ed Page for the Rookwith Flock near Ripon. He is out of Bronic Evie, an Artnagullion Bull daughter.


Curwen Hill George ET, Dan Towers, 18,000gns


At 18,000gns when sold in a four-way split to Jeff and Jennifer Aiken for Procters, Wray; Neil Harvey, Blackadder, Duns; Richard Wood, Kingledores, Biggar; and Gordon Gray, Ettrick, Selkirk, was Curwen Hill George ET which this time is out of another Artnagullion Bull-sired Bronic ewe in the shape of Bronic Diva.


Airyolland Goldmine ET, Neale & Janet McQuistin, 18,000gns


Two other full brothers were in the money, this time for Neale and Janet McQuistin, when their Airyolland Goldmine ET and Airyolland Goin’ Gets Tough ET, sold for 18,000gns and 12,000gns, respectively. Bred from the Ardstewart Super Mario-sired Airyolland Baby Face, this duo are by the 9000gns Ardstewart Dare Devil shared with the Horseclose and Buckles flocks.

The first to sell, Goldmine, heads to Andrew Wainwright’s Todhall flock near Cupar, Fife, while Goin’ Gets Tough sold two ways with James Wannop of the Wannop’s Flock, Heaton with Oxcliffe, Morecambe, and Dan Towers, Curwen Hill, both taking a half share.


Ryders Game On, Brian Ryder, 12,000gns


Continuing the five-figure prices and Brian Ryder welcomed top calls of 12,000gns and 10,000gns for his best two from Annanwater, Moffat. The dearest of these, Ryder Game On – by Aviemore Casual and out of the Kingledores Trojan-sired College Wilma – sold three ways to Alan Munro, Loandhu, Fearn; Andrew Ireland, Feoch, Darvel, Ayrshire; and John Scott, Fearn, Tain.


Ryder G&T ET, Brian Ryder, 10,000gns


At 10,000gns when knocked down to Andrew Baillie, Callacrag Flock, Carstairs, Lanark, was Ryder G&T ET which offers some different breeding being by Swffryd Eye Catcher while his dam is full of home breeding as Ryder Bingo is by Ryder Apache.

Paul Slater, from Whiteley Hey, Macclesfield, paid 10,000gns for the dearest from James Wannop’s pen in the shape of the Belvoir View Chaos-sired Wannop’s Godzilla ET, which is out of Buckles Temptress, a Newton Leo daughter. He secured a fourth prize rosette in a very strong class.

A good run from the Wannop’s pen saw the very next lot, Wannop’s Great Expectations, sell to Andrew Baillie, Callacrag, and Jimmy Bell and Rachel Buckle, of the Cottage Flock, near Carstairs, for 9000gns. Bred from the 5000gns Brickrow Emma, a Beckbred Crusader daughter, he is by Aviemore Festival.

Paul Slater paid a further 8000gns just minutes later for Wannop’s Grease Lightning, again by the Aviemore Festival ram but this time out of the Corra Wally-bred Heber Park Carnation.

The dearest from Stuart Wood’s flock from Skene, Westhill, realised 9000gns when sold to Alasdair Maclean for his Tiree Flock on the Hebridean island. Bred from the Callacrag Barbarian daughter, Eildeon Cannon, Faughhill Goldfinger ET is another by Heatheryhall Fireman Sam.

Following a very successful ram lamb sale the previous day, Liam and Jack Swinnerton, from Cheswardine, Market Drayton, welcomed a shearling ram top of 8000gns when their Lipley Great Warrior ET was knocked down to Brian Ryder for his Ryder Flock. Sired by the 60,000gns Topflite Al Pacino, he is out of Tiree Coral, a Callacrag Wise Crack daughter and was part of the Champion Pen of Shearling Rams to claim the President’s Award.

A total of six shearlings realised 8000gns with the remaining two coming from Wade and Alison McCrabbe’s Ardstewart pen from Raphoe, County Donegal. First up was Ardstewart Gee Whiz ET, a son of Topflite Al Pacino bred from another Iglo daughter in the shape of Ardstewart Dior. He caught the eye of David Brown for his Brownville Flock near Bessbrook, Newry, County Down.

Selling to Angus Mutch, of the Heath Holm Flock, New Yatt, Witney, for the same price was Ardstewart Grey Goose, this time by Riverview Fury and out of Ardstewart Ella, an Ardstewart Darth Vader daughter.

Leading the aged ram trade at 3000gns was Belvoir View Firefox ET from the Buckles family, which sold to Bure Farm Partners, Letton, Shipdam. His pedigree features Belvoir View Diamond Flame on to Corra Agnes, a Wern Sycharth daughter.


Ram Lambs

Ram lambs proved the star attraction at the first day of the Carlisle Premier Sale where trade peaked at 25,000gns for the Reserve Supreme Champion and 20,000gns for another by the same sire.


Brilley Hulk ET, Jamie & Richard Jerman, Reserve Supreme Champion, 25,000gns


Hitting the high note was Brilley Hulk ET from Jamie and Richard Jerman, from Witney-on-Wye, who welcomed a cracking average of £12,333 for three lambs from the same flush – the 12,000gns Ardstewart Fred Flintstone on to the 5000gns Hackney Dior, a Topflite Al Pacino daughter. Hulk caught the eye of Wade and Alison McCrabbe who will take him across the water to their Ardstewart Flock.

One lot later, his full brother, Brilley Heatwave ET, sold to Graham and Fiona Burke for their Pentland Flock near Kilry, Blairgowrie, for 9000gns, one-third shares also selling to Mary Dunlop, Corstane, Biggar, and Brian Wylie, Balbrydie, Kirriemuir.


Lipley Hugo Boss ET, Liam and Jack Swinnerton, 20,000gns


Notably, the 20,000gns Lipley Hugo Boss ET was also by Fred Flintstone, who Liam and Jack Swinnerton – from Cheswardine, Market Drayton – bought in partnership with Paul Tippetts, Hackney, at last year’s Premier Sale. Selling to Rosie Boden for her Mellor Vale Flock, near Stockport, this lad is out of the Bailey Brook CR7-sired Woodies Eye Candy, which was bought at the Beauties sale as a ewe lamb.


Muirton High and Mighty ET, Jimmy Young, 16,000gns


A further two lambs broke the five-figure barrier and at 16,000gns was the second prize ram lamb, Muirton High and Mighty ET, from Jimmy Young’s Alford, Aberdeenshire-based flock. Sired by the Heatheryhall Fast and Furious ram shared between four Aberdeenshire flocks and selling to Northern Ireland’s Matt Burleigh for his Matt’s Flock, his dam is the Langlands Bruiser-sired Muirton Dee Dee.


Edeniack Hitman ET, Gordon and Lynsey Carroll, 14,000gns


Another three lots later and Gordon and Lynsey Carroll’s Edendiack Hitman ET sold to Elizabeth and William McAllister’s Artnagullion Flock from Kells, Ballymena, for 14,000gns. Bred from the Airyolland Choco daughter, Edendiack Franchesco, his sire is the 7000gns Kingledores Einstein.

Recouping some of his expenditure, Matt Burleigh received 8000gns from the Jerman brothers for his Matt’s Hercules ET. Full of home breeding on his dam’s side, being out of the Matt’s Defender-bred Matt’s Equipped, he is by the privately purchased Buckles Fizzy Pop.

The Buckles boys – Kevin and sons, Jack and Tom – welcomed 6000gns for their third prize Buckles Harchibald ET, a son of the 10,000gns Gyffin Dexter shared with Andrew Morton’s Mortons Flock. Out of the noted College Adele, she caught the eye of David Lawrie, Grangehall Flock, Lanark.

The very next lot, a substitute named Buckles Hercules, which was again by Dexter, realised 5750gns when knocked down to Louie Van Geffen, Geffens Flock, Carlton in Cleveland. His dam is the Buckles Espresso-sired Buckles Frappacino.

Close behind on 5500gns was Woodies Hulk ET from Stuart Wood, which is among the first to sell by last year’s 30,000gns BorderEsk Finders Keepers. Selling to Alfie Taylor, Heatheryhall, Hulk’s dam is the imported 1443 V/D Harlembois ewe.

Two realised 5000gns apiece with the first being Kingledores Hercules ET from Richard Wood’s Biggar-based flock. Sired by Woodhow Dakota, he caught the eye of Grant Maxwell, Faughhill, and Thomas Story, Top Notch, Alnwick. His dam is the Clary Chancer-sired Kingledores Dulcie.

Also at 5000gns was Logie Durno Houdini ET from William and Carole Ingram, Inverurie, which heads back north to Messrs Stephen’s Glencoe Flock near Nairn. A full brother to last year’s 24,000gns Logie Durno Godfather, his pedigree features the 11,000gns Buckles Fury on to Airyolland Bathsheba, a Dooley Napal daughter.



Shearling Ewes

Following the same standard as in the male section, it was the Female Champion that sold for the equal top price of 3500gns.


Smart Ass Girlfriend, Dafydd Owen, Female Champion, 3500gns


That was Dafydd Owen’s Smart Ass Girlfriend ET, from his Rowen, Conwy-based flock. Selling to Rosie Boden, Mellor Vale, this daughter of the 7000gns Clary Dumfries is bred from Smart Ass Delilah, a daughter of Ardstewart Aristocrat.

Matching that 3500gns price tag when knocked down to Chris Wright for his Brothertoft Flock, Boston, was Wannop’s Godess ET from James Wannop and the team at Wannop’s Farms, Morecambe. Bred from the Ardstewart Armani-sired Dean Brow Classy, she is the first female to be sold by the 3500gns Brothertoft Fynley.


Brilley Glamour Girl ET, Jamie and Richard Jerman, 3200gns


The Jerman boys welcomed 3200gns from Michael James, of the Duhonw Flock near Maesmynis, Builth Wells, for Brilley Glamour Girl ET. Another bred from their Hackney Dior, she is by the 65,000gns record holder, Airyolland Castro.


Lakeview Goddess ET, Gary Beacom, 3000gns


Close behind on 3000gns was the dearest from Gary Beacom in the shape of Lakeview Goddess ET. Her pedigree features the Hackney Wonderboy-sired Matt’s Betty Boo and Ainstable Factotum, and she sold to Ian Reid for his Osprey Flock near Methven.

A short while earlier Gary saw his Lakeview Golden Girl ET sell to Jessica Collings for her Barton Flock bear Launceston, Cornwall, for 2800gns. Another by the Ainstable Factotum ram, her dam is the Broxty Boxer-sired Withy Trees Cleo.

Also hitting 2800gns when sold to N and S Caul for their Balkello Flock near Kirkton of Auchterhouse, Angus. That was Raymond Flaws’ Woodwick G&T, a Ryder Enrique daughter from the Orkney Isles. Her dam is Woodwick Divine, a Langlands Bruiser daughter.

Alfie Taylor saw his pen leader, the Buckles Dark Dawn-sired Heatheryhall Glam ET, sell to Chris Wright, Brothertoft, for 2500gns. She is out of Heatheryhall Diamond, herself by Quarrymount William Wallace.

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