18th August 2021

David Thornley, Dooley Flock

Shearling Ram

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix Ear Tag Lot No
1st A Wainwright TODHALL WTO.F068 5
2nd T & J Belfield BOOTHLOW BOO.F028 27
3rd A Wainwright TODHALL WTO.F034 4

Ram Lamb

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix Ear Tag Lot No
1st T & J Belfield BOOTHLOW BOO.G002 31
2nd T & J Belfield BOOTHLOW BOO.G020 32

Shearling Ewe

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix Ear Tag Lot No
1st T & J Belfield BOOTHLOW BOO.F007 49
2nd T & J Belfield BOOTHLOW BOO.F034 50
3rd B Crane CRANES XXL.F041 39

Ewe Lamb

Placing Breeder Name Flock Prefix Ear Tag Lot No
1st T & J Belfield BOOTHLOW BOO.G043 58
1st T & J Belfield BOOTHLOW BOO.G014 57

Beltex Champions

Category Breed Breeder Name
Supreme Champion Shearling Ram A Wainwright
Reserve Supreme Shearling Ewe T & J Belfield

Beltex sheep continue to meet demand at Leek Auction where a new centre record of 2250gns was set on Wednesday, 18 August, for the Reserve Champion from the pre-sale show, a shearling ewe named Boothlow First Class from Tom and Jack Belfield.

At the end of trading, averages improved in all sections compared to the 2020 sale as 21 shearling rams levelled at £712 (25 x £568 in 2020), with two ram lambs at £609 (6 x £471), 15 shearling ewes at £595 (10 x £460), and two ewe lambs at £389.


Boothlow First Class, Tom & Jack Belfield, 2250gns


Leading the way was Boothlow First Class from young brothers, Tom and Jack Belfield, from Sheen, Buxton, which sold to local breeder, Ron Thomkinson for his new Rojan flock, near Butterton. Sired by the Broughton Cardhu ram that has bred well in the flock, First Class’ dam is Boothlow Desert Eagle, a Hackney Will.I.Am daughter.


Boothlow Florida, Tom & Jack Belfield, 1150gns


Mr Thomkinson paid a further 1150gns for the second prize shearling ewe, Boothlow Florida, which was again sired by Broughton Cardhu but this time out of the Rathbone Cuba daughter, Boothlow Debbie.

Females also reached 650gns for the Belfields’ Boothlow Flopsy, a black gimmer by Muirton Desperado bred from Boothlow Becky, another by Hackney Will.I.Am. She caught the eye of J Simpson, Mill Lane, Stoney Middleton.

Among the males it was three entries from Andrew Wainwright’s Cupar-based flock that led the trade with two at 1200gns and another at 1000gns.


Todhall Figo, Andrew Wainwright, 1200gns


First to sell for that 1200gns price tag when knocked down to Mark and Caroline Hambleton for their Fiv Flock near Flagg, was Todhall Figo, a son of the 10,000gns Callacrag Bull’s Eye that has bred exceptionally well for Andrew and set many of the flock’s top prices. Figo’s dam is by Todhall D Best, herself by Rathbone Alien.


Todhall Famous, Andrew Wainwright, 1200gns


Also making 1200gns was the Champion from the pre-sale show, Todhall Famous, which sold to the judge, Dave Thornley for his Dooley flock, Diseworth. Offering some different breeding, this lad is by Woodies Extreme while his dam is the Kingledores Warrior daughter, Todhall Aphrodite.


Todhall Fernando, Andrew Wainwright, 1000gns


At 1000gns was another by Callacrag Bull’s Eye in the shape of Todhall Fernando, which is again out of a Rathbone Alien daughter, this time Todhall Chelsea. Fernando sold to AD Williams, Basford, Leek.

At 820gns when snapped up by R and S Bailey, Beat Lane, Rushton Spencer, was Todhall Fury, by Callacrag Bull’s Eye bred from Todhall Class Act, another by Rathbone Alien.

Brian Crane’s flock from Tockholes, Darwen, peaked at 850gns for Cranes Fisher, a son of Withy Trees Capricorn bred from Cranes Cassi, a Graham’s Wink daughter. He heads to a new home near Swythamley, Rushton Spencer, with JM Robinson.

A small offering of ram lambs and ewe lambs reached 680gns for Boothlow General ET from the Belfield brothers. Selling to Messrs Brassington and Renshaw, Ashbourne Road, Church Derby, this daughter of the flock’s show ewe, the Sharphaw Wade-sired Boothlow Berlinda, is by Buckles Eden Valley.

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