Scotland Beltex Breeders Club

At the recent Annual General meeting of Beltex Scotland there was a change of Chairman and Secretary, now heading up Beltex Scotland is renowned breeder Richard Wood of the Kingledores flock and working alongside Richard will be Heather Barclay (Beachy flock).

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Mairs focus on Beltex breed

Thursday 10th October 2019
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A FAMILY renowned for producing quality stock in the North-east of Scotland has backed the Beltex breed for many years, reaping the rewards at shows and sales to put the breed on the map. Known for breeding pedigree Texels and


Changes to Society Sale Inspections and Substitutes for 2019

Friday 9th August 2019
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As per information already given out in the Society Newsletter and in the Sale Catalogues Carlisle Premier will be the first of five sales including Welshpool, Skipton, Worcester and Lanark to include the presence of veterinary officers during pre-sale inspections